Tropical Tangie originated from a large selection of plants from an original Tangie ‘phenohunt’. The elite clone selected from this project excelled in all areas. Both with the classic Tangie aroma and the unmistakable Tangie taste as well as the vigor, potency and effect. Our Tropical Tangie goes a step further than the original, making this strain the go-to variety for lovers of a delicious fruit cocktail. Smoke a fat joint and you can imagine yourself on a tropical beach with a delicious fruity cocktail in your hand! 
Aroma / Taste: 
Tropical Tangie is an exotic cannabis strain with a fresh, sour and fruity aroma. Her scent can best be described as fruity and ‘diesel-like’. The diesel/gassy profile comes together with orange and mandarin, making the terpene profile very interesting. It is a powerful and penetrating scent that even has a strong chemical undertone in some phenotypes. The taste is exactly as the smell suggests – ‘Tangie all the way!’ Lovers of a real Tangie cannabis variety will love this. Citrus fruit, tangerine, orange all come together in this tropical fruit cocktail! Slightly stinging on the tongue like a soft drink but wonderfully soft on the throat. If you like Sativa dominant hybrids with an extremely fruity terpene profile then look no further and get this beautiful lady into your grow room as soon as possible! 
This hybrid cannabis strain has a powerful and long-lasting high. The effect can best be described as a mix of a solid head high and a light body stone. A hybrid effect that is slightly more on the sativa side. The high is energising, euphoric, but also relaxing at the same time. It is a pleasant high that can last for a long time. A normal joint or vape session can keep you in a daze for hours. The high can be mentally stimulating and can help with creative tasks or starting a busy day. Tropical Tangie is a potent cannabis strain with a high THC content. Nevertheless, the high is never overwhelming, the powerful effect can be felt quickly and in high doses it can provide a real eating kick (munchies). Medical users will also appreciate this strain for these properties. This is certainly not a couch potato strain, but rather an uplifting high that gives you a relaxed feeling in addition to more energy. 
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