Orange Bud is one of the original skunk seed varieties. She was discovered during an extensive Skunk selection grow-out from the early 80’s. The goal back then was to create one of the fruitiest varieties available without comprising either yield or quality. The strain quickly became one of the favorites on the menu of the coffeeshops in the Netherlands. People loved the reliably strong smoke and great citrus skunk taste. Alongside Power Plant and White Widow, Orange Bud is one of the original corner stone strains which can still be found in many coffeeshop across The Netherlands. 
Aroma / Taste: 
As well as being an original cannabis cup winning variety, Orange Bud offers unsurpassed quality in terms of aroma, taste and effect. Her unique sweet taste with citrus tones of nectarine and ripe orange satisfy the most demanding Skunk connoisseurs. 
Orange Bud is known for its active, social cerebral high. It gives the smoker a feel-good high which is very happy and uplifting. It is a strong variety with THC levels of around 15-20%. The strain is good for stoners with active lifestyles. It will get you through the day or evening. Slightly energising, the citrus terpene profile tastes great and leaves you with a smile on your face.  
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