Desfrán is a legendary South American variety that has won numerous cannabis cups. Desfrán is the result of a crossing of Destroyer with Destroyer, and was originally a three-way cross of Mexican Oaxaca, Colombian Punto Rojo and Meao Thai. Dutch Passion owes this variety to Alberto from Argentina, a master breeder and cannabis connoisseur and the owner of Haze magazine. With our first collaboration we wanted to introduce Desfrán in Europe. 
Aroma / Taste: 
Desfrán is a powerful Sativa with a unique aroma and taste. This terpene profile gives a fruity yet sweet taste like you’ve never tasted before. The aroma of Desfrán is reminiscent of pear and green apple. As soon as you step into the grow room, it’s like you’ve stepped into a fruit orchard. Sweet, fruity and fresh notes of apple and pear fill the air. The scent of some phenotypes leans more towards tropical fruits. Pineapple and melon are 2 other fruits that are often associated with Desfrán. Sweeter notes of caramel and honey make it very special and addictive! The taste of Desfrán is tropical and resembles pear mixed with caramel with hints of grapefruit and melon with a sour, fresh and spicy taste on the exhale. 
Desfrán is a THC rich variety that will average around 20% THC. In the hands of an expert, higher cannabinoid levels cannot be ruled out. The high of this strain is exceptional, it is a very clear high with a strong uplifting and energetic effect. An ‘up-high’ that gives you a lot of focus and alertness. A pure sativa to love! An early harvest (still with clear trichomes) can lead to cannabis that provides a very cerebral and psychedelic high. If Desfrán is harvested late, the taste is sweeter and it is a real ‘destroyer’. The combination of the terpenes and the high cannabinoid levels make this a unique Sativa variety. If you consume a little more the effect can be a bit ‘trippy & racy’ but this decreases as time goes by. Either way, it’s a very strong Sativa effect! 
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