The most original and best Amnesia Haze in the world is of course an Amsterdam product, how could it be otherwise? In just a few years, this Dutch sativa-dominant strain with a high yield and a very attractive flower-to-leaf ratio has taken the world by storm and has become the first choice for many commercial growers at home and abroad. Dutch Passion’s collection of strains would not be complete without the timeless Haze classic Amsterdam Amnesia. Derived from the original Amnesia genetics, this THC-rich sativa has an overwhelming potency and traits of the best Haze strains ever produced around the world. 

Aroma / Taste: 

Amsterdam Amnesia is a very potent and intoxicating sativa-dominant hybrid. This classic Amnesia Haze is considered one of the best known and most distinctive cannabis varieties from Amsterdam. Both the aroma and taste of this cup-winning cannabis strain are those of a real haze with very fresh/spicy notes and a sweet-sour undertone of citrus fruit. She is very penetrating and pungent. Both the aroma and taste are easily recognisable as those of the classic Haze. Because of the fresh citrus-dominant notes you immediately know that this is an original Amnesia Haze. Tastes exactly like it smells! Prepare yourself for a fantastic taste experience. Whether smoked in a joint or vape, this cannabis strain provides a very pleasant smoke/vape experience! A sativa to love. 


The powerful high and long-lasting effect of Amsterdam Amnesia provide a unique experience for
all your senses! This is a strong high, one that may be slightly less suitable for novice users. However, experienced smokers will enjoy this strain. With her sky-high THC content, you can set yourself up for a powerful effect that will last for hours! All in all, few cannabis strains can match this high. It is a high with both mental and physical effects, but the ‘head-high’ is by far the strongest. This is a true classic Haze variety. Energetic, creative and up-lifting. The euphoric feeling is strong and creates a mental dream state. It can even be a bit trippy & racy at times. This is the perfect strain to get you through your day. But beware, if you smoke too much she can knock you out! 

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