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Welcome to the world of Dutch Passion, where innovation meets tradition, and cannabis cultivation reaches new heights of excellence. As one of the most renowned and respected cannabis companies, Dutch Passion has now made its way to the vibrant land of Thailand, bringing with it a legacy of over four decades of experience in the industry.

Founded in Amsterdam, the cannabis capital of Europe, Dutch Passion has been at the forefront of cannabis genetics since 1987. Our commitment to producing top-quality strains, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, has earned us a reputation that is second to none.

With Thailand embracing progressive cannabis regulations, Dutch Passion saw a unique opportunity to contribute our expertise to this burgeoning market. As we step onto the Thai soil, we bring with us a diverse and curated selection of cannabis seeds that cater to the needs and desires of both seasoned cultivators and novices alike.

At Dutch Passion Thailand, we firmly believe in the power of genetics to create exceptional cannabis varieties, each with its own distinct flavors, aromas, and effects. Our expert breeders have painstakingly developed an impressive collection of feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD-rich strains, ensuring that there is something for everyone within our catalog.


Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies.  We offer our customers a variety of original classic cannabis varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds. We began our work in the 1970’s and were formally established as a seedbank in 1987.

Our seed collection has never been stronger than it is today.  We remain the first choice seed supplier to many recreational and medical cannabis growers because of our focus on quality seeds and our safe t.rustworthy customer service

Dutch Passion Values

Ever since the beginning we have realized that great customer service is nothing without the best quality seeds.  Our many years in business has allowed us to build an unrivaled network of the best cannabis breeders and cannabis professionals.  Every one of our varieties is carefully selected and produced to the highest possible standards. Many of our varieties have won numerous prizes and are regarded as some of the best varieties ever created.  Strains such as our original White Widow, Blueberry, Skunk #11, Power Plant and Mazar have become famous varieties and household names.  Many of the new seed banks base their own varieties on Dutch Passion original genetics.

Brand Promise

Buying from Dutch Passion means buying with confidence from an established leader in the business.  Many of our customers have trusted Dutch Passion to supply their seeds for many years and continue to buy from us knowing that we are here to help them in the unlikely event of an issue with our seeds.  We don’t get many unhappy customers, perhaps one complaint per week from the many thousands of seeds we sell.  That is pretty good for any business, but we are striving to improve further if we can.  Customers can contact us by email, phone, skype or via one of the internet forums.  We are always here to help and support our customers.

The Early Years

Dutch Passion seed company was established formally in Amsterdam in 1987, but the real beginnings date back to 1972 when Dutch Passion founder, Henk van Dalen, began growing cannabis in Holland for his own needs.  Henk had the benefit of studying Biology for 6 years at Amsterdam University from 1970 – 1976. During this time Henk also took classes in Pharmacology and studied the effects of psychedelics and other drugs.  Henk complemented his formal academic training with extensive reading and studying and soon became one of the first recognized cannabis breeders.

Nowadays growing your own cannabis is increasingly the norm, but in the 1980’s it was radical thinking to believe that home-grown pot would be widespread.  Taking everything that Henk knew about the business of cannabis breeding he created Dutch Passion Seed Company in 1987.  His philosophy was to maintain a passion to offer the best cannabis seeds possible to his customers and that philosophy remains at the heart of Dutch Passion today.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

One of Henks, and Dutch Passion’s, greatest contributions to the self-sufficient home grower was the creation of feminized seeds in the 1990’s.  For the average hobby grower feminized seed was a crucial breakthrough.  No longer did you have the headache of maintaining a permanent grow room to look after a mother plant.  Nor was it necessary to know a circle of growers that could supply cuttings.  The self sufficient home grower didn’t want the hassle and paranoia of growing more plants than necessary in order to get a few female plants. 

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seed is an area which Dutch Passion has invested heavily in over the last few years.  Autoflower seeds grow from seedling to mature female plants in around 10 weeks, making them a fast cropping, convenient, alternative to traditional varieties.  The cannabis they produce is just as good as that from traditional varieties and it is produced in generous quantities.   

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is used by millions of people to help with the symptoms and pain caused by various medical conditions. Dutch Passion recommend that medical cannabis users discuss cannabis with medical professionals who are increasingly aware of the medical benefits. Growing your own medical cannabis is the best way to get maximum quality for minimum cost.

Other Cannabis - Hemp Products

In 1994 Henk opened the first Dutch Hemp Shop named “Green Lands”, selling among others hemp-textiles, hemp-clothes, hemp-burgers, hempseed oil and hempseeds. The “Hemp-burger” being one of Henk’s personal creations. These hempseeds were not the same as the cannabis seeds Dutch Passion sells today. The hempseeds sold by Green Lands produced only THC-free plants. Hemp fibre is one of the strongest fibers in the world and hempseed oil from hempseeds is one of the most nutritious and healthy oils available. Nowadays ‘Green Lands” no longer exists, Dutch Passion remains the real passion.

Dutch Passion Today

Dutch Passion understands the needs of the modern grower.  Our seed collection offers something for everyone.  From the very best legendary varieties with original genetics to the latest high-performance, high speed,  Autoflower varieties.  Dutch Passion believes that recreational cannabis, used responsibly and sensibly is a healthier option to the ‘legal’ alternatives of alcohol and tobacco.  When used in moderation we believe that cannabis is a safer drug than alcohol with less damaging side effects and less damage to wider society.

Dutch Passion - The Future

Dutch Passion is still focussed on one key value –  to provide the best cannabis seeds for the self sufficient recreational and medical growers. The worldwide acceptance of cannabis as a medicine and as a recreational drug seems to be growing step by step. We expect this movement to continue over the next decades and we see it as our task to provide individuals with seeds in order to provide themselves with quality cannabis.

Welcome to the world of Dutch Passion.

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